meadowlark, fly your way down


Long, flowing layers like this cotton maxi dress & knit sweater are perfect for Santa Cruz in June, when the mornings are cool & foggy and the afternoons are warm & mild. Its also a super comfortable outfit that looks more effortful than it really is, making it an early summer staple.

To add some personality, I paired it with some heeled ankle booties and my tan sun hat, which always makes me feel a little like Indiana Jones. Don’t let these photos fool you though, I’m no Indiana Jones – I took these photos after a long day at work & not off on some grand exploration. I am ready for a new adventure though & would love to pack a bag & start driving in whatever direction tickles my fancy. One can dream.


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Photos by Liz Orsack

call her green and the winters cannot fade her


Green is my favorite color & its one of my favorite colors to wear. No matter what shade, it instantly boosts my confidence and makes me feel calm, cool, & collected. The bright kelly green color of this dress, combined with the button detailing and the winged collar, make it one of my favorite pieces.

Although its sleeveless, I paired it with a simple cardigan and some flats for a casual, school-teacher-esque look. I also wore it with a belt around the waist and my owl-printed Keds to make the look more fun.

On a side note, these Keds are a testament to how long you can make quality items last with some TLC – I’ve had them for at least ten years & they’re still going strong.


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Photos by Nikolara Jansons

i fell asleep in an american flag


I love politics & I take elections very seriously, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting the California primary. Today, we finally got our chance to join in & voice our opinions and I couldn’t help but show my excitement. Although I was both complimented & teased for my patriotism, I felt good showing my pride on election day. A century ago, I wouldn’t have been able to vote simply because of my gender, yet today I was able to cast my vote. I don’t know how everyone else feels, but that really rocks my world.


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Photos by Sidney Kimball

’cause you were all yellow


Happy end-of-the-work-week to my fellow 9 to 5’ers. Its been a busy week, but it was beautiful out today & its hard to be grumpy on Friday, so I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses for a boost of mood & confidence. Not only is the color undeniably cheerful, but the circle skirt is a ton of fun to twirl around in (no seriously). There’s nothing quite like a fun & flattering dress to restore some positivity.

On a side note, I have to give my friend and co-worker Nikolara a special shoutout. She’s the one that nudged me to create this blog in the first place, and with a little nudge back from yours truly, she helped me capture the photos for this post. Thanks a million!


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Photos by Nikolara Jansons

here goes nothing


If I’m being completely honest, this whole blog thing is still incredibly daunting and, quite frankly, a little terrifying. Although “reserved” & “shy” are words often used to describe me, I’m accustomed to strange looks because of the often out-of-place clothes I wear. However, having to pose in front of a camera and look decent, with onlookers nonetheless, has proved challenging.

I’ve given this a lot of thought though & this is something that I want, so for once I am going to take the bull by the horns & make something happen. I love fashion and I love writing, & this seems like the perfect outlet for both of these passions. This will be an interesting journey I’m sure, but I hope you’ll stick around as I blossom into the wonderful blogger that I know I can be.

And on that note, welcome to my blog!


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Photos By Liz Orsack