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Happy belated Independence Day everyone! I hope you all had a fun day filled with sunshine, bbq & fireworks. Although it was overcast for most of the afternoon here, I spent the holiday playing tourist at the boardwalk & laying on the beach while getting in some quality people watching. Overall, I had a relaxing day off & I hope you did too!

I was a little nervous about posting photos of myself in swimsuit, but I’m trying really hard to be more confident & body positive. For those that are a little more modest like me, this red polka-dot one piece from ModCloth  is great. Its super flattering & it offers a lot of coverage, especially for women with a bust that doesn’t often fit into a typical bikini. Pair it with some fun accessories, like these brightly colored heart sunglasses, and you have a retro look perfect for a day at the beach.


Get the Look: ModCloth Red Polka-Dot One Piece // Heart Sunglasses (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

train wheels beating, wind in my eyes


I bruise like a peach & crawl around on the floor for yoga, so my legs often look pretty banged up. At first, I was a little self conscious about posting photos of my bruise-covered legs & I thought about editing them out altogether. Then I realized that there was no point in hiding my bruises because there’s no shame in imperfections and they’re apart of the package. So here I am, bruises & all!

Its a common misconception that only people with certain body types can wear shapeless clothes, but I think this dress really disproves that notion. I have no problem admitting that I’m chesty, and like a lot of people, I thought a loose a-line dress like this would make me look like a tent. However, when I tried it on I found that it was not only incredibly comfortable, but it was also surprisingly flattering! Sometimes it pays to try things on that you don’t think will suit your body type, because sometimes your clothing assumptions can be wrong.


Get the Look: UO Jersey Tank-Top Dress // Brown Booties (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

i wish we could stay gold


I love to creep on the sale section at Anthropologie for great deals. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of finding this dress there and I’m still so happy with my purchase. Simple cotton dresses like this one are great to have around when you want to look put together but don’t want to have to think too much about it. Because it has such a pretty shape, with the mid-length sleeves, knee length circle skirt, and boat-neck, and because it has a fun striped pattern to it, this dress is both fun & feminine. The truth is, this is one of my go-to dresses for warm work days when I want to look cute but am in a hurry. If you ask me, its always good to have a few items like that in your arsenal.

To keep the colors neutral and the look clean, I paired it with my brown oxford heels and my matching brown satchel, and for a pop of color, I wore my favorite red lipstick.


Get the Look: Mid-Sleeve Skater Dress (Similar) // Oxford Heels // Brown Satchel (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

like a bridge over troubled water


Yes, I do own jeans. Admittedly, my wardrobe does overwhelmingly consist of skirts & dresses because, quite frankly, thats what I feel most comfortable in. Not only do skirts & dresses just feel more…me, to put it simply…they also make me feel more confident. I know this might sound crazy coming from someone who has an entire website devoted to photographs of themselves, but I am self conscious & insecure just like everyone else, and pants, jeans in particular, make me feel more self conscious than skirts. I can’t explain it, but its a thing.

With that being said, I do like to push myself to wear a variety of things, including jeans. Jeans are great for the weekend because they’re laid back & comfortable, and this outfit is just that. Its refreshing to wake up on a Saturday, throw some cute jeans on, and go on an adventure!


Get the Look: Free People Sienna Jeans // Black Crop Top (Similar) // Fringe Purse (Similar) // Minnetonka Fringe Sandals

Photos by Bryant Yang

our love is like the flowers


Well its officially summer, my favorite time of year. I love the sun shining through my shades in the early morning, the warm evening breeze, and the abundance of gorgeous flowers and delicious fruits & vegetables that show up at the farmer’s market. To boot, my master’s program is on break for the next few months, putting me in an especially chipper mood.

Since I walk to work, I like to find ways to keep cool during the summer while still looking put together for the office. I love outfits like this, as the chiffon skirt and blouse both leave a lot of room to breath, without having to show too much skin. The bright, contrasting colors & floral ballet flats give it a fresh look as well, making it far more fun than your typical workwear. A desk job is no excuse to look frumpy!


Get the Look: Chiffon Pleated Skirt (Similar) // Cutout Blouse (Similar) // Floral Ballet Flats (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

i’ll tell you everything about living free


I must admit that even though I’m the furthest thing from a country girl, I have a serious love affair with cowboy boots. They add a ton of character to any outfit, especially summer dresses & shorts, and they’re really comfortable to boot (pun intended)! This tribal print shirt-dress works particular well with them, as it creates an interesting yet laid-back look fit for summer.

Outfit aside, I feel I must address the elephant in the room – or cat I should say. Yes, that is a cat in my first photograph, and no, it isn’t mine. His name is Buster and he lives at the garden where these photos were taken. He took a liking to me & it became nearly impossible to take photos without him getting into the shot, so I decided to embrace the situation and let Buster be my guest model. I must say, he turned out to be pretty photogenic.

One last thing – I now have an official blog photographer & I’m really excited about it! His name is Bryant Yang & he is very talented. Please be sure to check out his Instagram (his name is linked below) & stay tuned for more of his work!


Get the Look: Black Printed Shirt-Dress (Similar) // Cowboy Boots // Madewell Crossbody Bag

Photos by Bryant Yang