outside lands 2016, day 3


Sunday, the third & final day of Outside Lands, is always a little bittersweet. On the one hand, I’m generally pretty exhausted from the long days, short nights, endless standing, and daily back-and-forth transportation to & from San Francisco that accompany this weekend-long festival. On the other hand, I always have such a great time that as tired & sore as I am the next day, I already find myself anticipating the coming year’s festivities. This year, Sunday may have actually been my favorite day. We started our day off with front row spots to see one of my favorite bands, the Oh Hello’s (who were absolutely FANTASTIC), and also got to enjoy nostalgia filled sets performed by Third Eye Blind and the Muppets (no, I’m not kidding). We had a lot of down time between shows as well, so we got to enjoy an ice cream taco, which I have been obsessing over since last year, as well as a trip to Wine & Chocolate Lands for some refreshing vino and s’mores.  We ended the evening & the weekend with Lana Del Rey, who’s beauty & effervescence provided a great way to end the festival.

I’m a girly-girl at heart, so I purchased this beautiful lace playsuit from Spell and the Gypsy Collective back in spring when it was on sale – as you may have guessed, they’re one of my favorite designers when it comes to festival fashion. When it came time to pack for the festival, I knew that layering would be really important to sustain a full day and evening in San Francisco. Instead of sticking with feminine accessories & layers to match the lace romper, I decided to give the look a 90’s grunge feel with a green military jacket layered over a black draped sweater, as well as some sheer black tights & combat boots. To complete the look, I wore a simple black chocker and some dark eye make-up, courtesy of Kayla. Overall, this turned out to be a great outfit, as it allowed me to keep cool during the middle of the day when the sun started to beat down on the crowd, but also kept me warm during the cool coastal evening. I also love 90’s fashion and its not everyday that you can get away with such a grungy look. Festivals are great for really going for it with trends.

Sadly, that’s all I have for Outside Lands 2016. For more photos from the weekend, be sure to check out my Instagram. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until next year!


Get the Look: Spell & the Gypsy Collective Lace Playsuit (Similar Here or Here) // Draped Black Cardigan (Similar Here) // Green Military Jacket (Similar Here) //  Steve Madden Combat Boots

Photos by Kayla Marie


outside lands 2016, day 2


In my experience, Saturday is always the best, and the most hectic day of Outside Lands, due to the substantial volume of good bands performing on the second day of the festival. Unfortunately for Kayla & I, who are very devoted to the music, this means that we eat all of our food at the beginning of the day, before the chaos ensues. We started off with one of my yearly favorites: a grilled cheese with arugula & tomatoes & a cup of tomato soup. We enjoyed our meal while sitting in the grass waiting for Rogue Wave to come on, which we were lucky enough to get close to the stage for. After their set, we made our way to the main stage and found a sweet treat on the way – strawberry matcha green tea cotton candy! Although sticky, it was one of my favorite things that we tried over the weekend. We then watched the Wombats, followed by Lord Huron and the Last Shadow Puppets. At this point, Kayla and I made the daring decision to split up. I stayed behind and watched Sufjan Stevens perform (from the second row) while she went to see another artist. Since returning from the festival, numerous people have asked me what my favorite act was and Sufjan was it, hands down. He made great song choices, opening with Seven Swans, closing with Chicago, and playing a lot of new & old favorites in between. He also donned 5 different outfits throughout his set, each one a little crazier than the last; one was a foil gown with a disco ball on the chest and another was a suit of balloons (yes, seriously). Afterwards, Kayla and I were able to reunite amid the massive crowd just in time for Radiohead, another weekend highlight. Although we were pretty far back and it was a very cold evening, it was a fantastic set and a great experience. Overall, it was an exhausting day, but all of the great artists that we had the opportunity to see made it completely worth it.

For the second day, I really wanted to be comfortable since it was the coolest day and our busiest day, so I chose to wear pants (or overalls I should say). I wore my black Madewell overalls and, to give them a more festive feel, I paired them with a white cold-shoulder shirt, some ankle boots, and a hat. To stick with the 90’s vibe that the overalls brought to the table, I accesorized with a choker & a mini backpack with some fun pins on the flap. Overalls are definitely on trend right now, but there are so many ways to wear them. I dare you to give them a try!

Stay tuned next week for the final post on my Outside Lands 2016 experience!


Get the Look: Madewell Black Overalls (Similar Here or Here) // Brandy Melville Cold Shoulder Top // Brandy Melville Backpack (Similar Here) // Steve Madden Ankle Boots (Similar Here)

Photos by Kayla Marie & Myself

outside lands 2016, day 1


If you’ve read my most recent post or you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram (@alexzinwonderland), you know that I spent this past weekend at Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco, California. This was the third consecutive year that I, along with my friend & fellow blogger Kayla of My Coffee Stains, attended this event, and it never disappoints. With its cool, foggy mornings and warm, temperate afternoons, Golden Gate Park is the perfect setting for a long day of outdoor festivities. Add some live music, delicious food, & fun fashion and you have the makings for a great weekend.

On Friday, the opening day of the festival, we showed up shortly after that gates opened and got straight to it. We chowed down on a delicious black bean, egg & potato breakfast burrito when we first arrived, while soaking in the ambiance of the large field and stage before the bulk of the crowd arrived. In the afternoon, we enjoyed lively sets performed by Ra Ra Riot & St. Lucia on the main stage. Then we got some decadent brownie sundaes for a midday sugar rush and caught the first part of Duran Duran’s set before heading to the other end of the park to watch Grimes (who put on a great set!) In the evening we were able to catch part of both Beach House & LCD Soundsystem before beginning our long journey home. Overall, it was a steadily paced first day, filled with great music & a lot of dancing.

Festival fashion is something that I absolutely love, as it gives me the opportunity to really push boundaries compared to my daily outfits, and it is almost as important to me as the music when it comes to this event. I started the weekend off with a bohemian printed red dress from Spell & the Gypsy Collective. To add some rock & roll flair, I paired it with a black leather jacket, a black neck scarf, and my fringe sandals & backpack. No festival look is complete without some good jewelry & an eye catching beauty look, so I topped everything off with some gold rings, a gold hair clip, and my Kat Von D lipstick in Hellbent. I felt comfortable and festive in this outfit & it was a great look to kick the weekend off in.

Stay tuned for Outside Lands days 2 & 3, coming soon!


Get the Look: Spell & the Gypsy Collective Playdress (Similar Here) // Abercrombie Faux Leather Jacket // Forever 21 Fringe Backpack (Similar Here) // Minnetonka Fringe Sandals // UO Black Neck Scarf 

Photos by Kayla Marie & Myself

oh black, or maybe red


Outside Lands starts tomorrow and my bags are (over)packed & by the door ready to go, so I’m going to keep this short & sweet.

For those of us twenty-somethings that have desk jobs, fun & casual clothes begin to feel like a thing of the past, with weekends making up such a small portion of our time. However, office jobs and their business casual dress codes are no excuse to trade in prints, colors, and fun accessories for the same button-up and muted slacks every day of the week. This scalloped pencil skirt is one of my favorite workwear pieces because its bright red hue adds a ton of personality to my outfit, even when paired with a simple black blouse and flats. Remember, you can use fashion to express yourself no matter where you are or what the occasion. Sometimes all you need is some color!


Get the Look: Anthropologie Red Scalloped Pencil Skirt (Similar) // Black Ruffle Blouse (Similar) // ModCloth Black Flats // Brandy Melville Floral Lace Choker (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

sound & color


I’ve had a rough week and, as an admitted perfectionist, I have been really hard on myself. But I’ve been thinking about it and I realized how truly ridiculous I’m being, and how ridiculous we can all be in this regard. As humans, we have this inherent belief that we must be our best at all times, especially those of us in our twenties. We see social media snapshots of our peer’s lives and assume everything is picture perfect. If we ourselves have anything less, we feel inadequate. But that’s just it – these are just snapshots. None of us have perfect lives, especially not those of us that are still young and figuring things out. The truth is, everybody, no matter their age, lives a unique life that they must navigate through as each individual experience presents itself.

We live in the flicker.

On that note, sometimes I like to dress the age I feel & not the age I am. This bright, printed shift dress, cowboy boots, and choker are wonderfully carefree & youthful. Just because I’m an adult with an “adult job” doesn’t mean I can’t wear fun clothes sometimes. Fashion is a form of expression and don’t let ever let anyone make you feel otherwise.


Get the Look: UO Mustard Shift Dress (Similar) // Steve Madden Cowboy Boots // Dahlia Round Sunglasses (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

she’s been living in her uptown world


I admit, this look is a slight departure from what you’ve probably grown accustomed to me donning. However, I should also admit that nothing is really too far outside of the box for me and, like any true fashionista, I can be a bit of a chameleon at times.

This outfit is perfect for both a day at work or a night out on the town (or perhaps a day at work followed by happy hour). The joggers & slouchy tank top are incredibly comfortable and make getting up early for work a little easier. However, with some polished jewelry & accessories, like these classic pumps, black clutch, and gold bangles, it manages to look put together. Any situation where you can make an outfit that borders on sweats look refined gets my stamp of approval.


Get the Look: Anthropologie Joggers (Similar)// Madewell Tank // ModCloth Coral Pumps (Similar) // Black Clutch (Similar)

 Photos by Bryant Yang