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Autumn represents change. The change from the long, warm days of summer to the cool, dark & damp days of winter. The change from green leaves to brown. The change from life to lifeless. Although fall is beautiful, its also woeful with its looming reminders of the approaching winter. However, one thing that I always love about autumn is the fashion. With moderate temperatures and a gorgeous color palette to work with, it opens the door to some of my favorite styles & designs. To ring in the new season, I’ve rounded out some of my most loved fall trends, from both the past & the present.

Shearling Jackets: As far as I’m concerned, jean & bomber jackets are always in style during the cooler months. This year, however, these casual jackets have a trendy new upgrade – shearling. Not only is it a warm addition, but it gives generally simple jackets a little extra flair. Luckily they’re on trend right now, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem. I’m definitely on the prowl for one!
Get the Look: 
Shearling Aviator Jacket at UO; Shearling Aviator Jacket at ASOS 

Satchels: I’ve always been a huge fan of satchels, and fall is by far my favorite time to break them out. With their back-to-school vibes, they have an exceptionally classy feel to them. As far as I’m concerned, brown satchels are everything & fall is their time to shine.  
Get the Look: 
Brown Satchel at Modcloth; Classic Satchels by the Cambridge Satchel Company 

Mock-Neck Sweaters: I remember as a kid, I absolutely despised the knit green turtle-neck that my mother made me wear in the winter. Now as an adult, I absolutely adore them. They’re classier and more versatile than a slouchy knit sweater and look great with a pair of slacks & heels or a button-up mini skirt & boots.
Get the Look: 
Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater at Nasty Gal; Suki Striped Turtleneck Sweater at Free People

Graphic Pullover Sweatshirts: Dressing cute doesn’t have to mean dressing uncomfortably, and graphic sweatshirts are the proof. Not only are they super warm & comfortable, but they can be really well styled with a little creativity. In the fall & winter, I love wearing my favorite Rolling Stones sweatshirt with my red pencil skirt and peek-a-boo Peter Pan collar underneath. 
Get the Look: 
The 90’s Made Me Do It Sweatshirt at Nasty Gal; Squad Sweatshirt at UO; Girls Bite Back Sweatshirt at ASOS

Midi Skirts: I have a not-s0-secret love affair with midi skirts & fall is my favorite time to wear them. They look especially good on petite frames such as mine. New to midi skirts? Try a rust or mustard colored mid-length circle skirt for fall, or a trendy mid-length tulle skirt (like the one featured here).
Get the Look: 
Mustard Midi Skirt at Modcloth

Heeled Booties: Boots are an obvious fall staple – need I say more? This year, try adding some heeled ankle-booties to your wardrobe.
Get the Look: 
Lace-up Suede Ankle Booties at Free People; Dolce Vida Ankle Booties at UO

Collared Dresses: To be honest, I’m attracted to collared dresses & blouses, no matter the time of year. However, collared dresses with a Wednesday Adams/pilgrim/school-girl vibe in particular are oh so fall-friendly. 
Get the Look: 
Peter Pan Collared Dress at Modcloth; Scallop-Collared Shift Dress at ASOS

Button-up Mini Skirts: These 70’s inspired skirts have become very popular this year, and for good reason. Whether they’re denim, colored corduroy, or a cotton print, these skirts are super retro & super stylish. To upgrade your button-up mini skirts to a fall appropriate look, try pairing them with a pair of riding boots and a knit sweater.
Get the Look: 
Corduroy Mini Skirt at UO; Button-up Faux Suede Skirt at Forever 21

Knee-High Socks: Like satchels, knee-high socks are reminiscent of back-to-school and are always a cute way to dress up a skirt or pair of leggings. Classic black knee-high socks are a fall staple, but don’t be afraid to try some fun & funky socks! I’m obsessed with foxes & I’m eyeing several pairs of foxy-socks. 
Get the Look: 
Fox Knee-Highs at Modcloth 

Neck Scarves: Neck scarves have burst onto the fashion scene this year & I’m fully on board. Try a silky or sheer scarf in black or red for a classy, Parisian look, or go for a printed scarf for a more eccentric vibe.
Get the Look: 
Silky Neck Scarf at UO; Patterned Neck Scarf at UO

Pin Flair: Although I’m someone who isn’t generally drawn to traditional jewelry, I love pin flair. Its creative, fun, retro, and versatile. You can create your own funky collection and place them whever you like – your jacket lapel, your bag, etc. I’m currently at work covering a baseball cap in an assortment of pins & its quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces. 
Get the Look: 
Assorted Pins at Nasty Gal; Assorted Pins by Strange Ways

Dark Lipstick: Yes, technically this is a beauty trend and not a fashion trend, but lets face it, the two go hand-in-hand. Different lipstick shades are a fun & bold way to accesorize any outfit. For fall, try a dark, vampy berry color or a deep red. 
Get the Look: 
Vampira Lipstick by Kat Von D ; Sheer Mulberry Lipstick by NARS

Of course, there are many more gorgeous styles that accompany the autumn season – these are just a few of my favorites. Be sure to leave a comment below & let me know what some of your most loved fall trends are!


we will come & go in the forest


There is lot in transition right now, so its only natural that today is the first day of fall. Although I quite honestly despise winter and its cold, damp, and short days, I really love autumn. Like a large portion of stereotypical Americans, I look forward to the beginning of pumpkin spice everything-on-earth season, yes. But its more than that. Its the reemergence of oversized sweaters, knit scarves, and burgundy lipstick. Its the gorgeous changing leaves and the impending holiday’s, in all of their family-oriented glory. While I live for sandal and bikini clad summers, I love autumn and the change from summer to fall even more. Summer brings its own magic, but right now, I’m ready for change – I’m ready for autumn.


Get the Look: UO Button-up Midi Skirt (Similar Here) // UO Striped Boat-Neck Tee (Similar Here) // ModCloth Basic Black Flats (On Sale!) // Thrifted Leather Bag from Crossroads Trading

Photos by Bryant Yang

every road leads to an end


As usual, there are photos of my outfit above, and I hope you are able to draw creative inspiration from them. But in this post, I’m not going to talk about my outfit. I need to talk about something serious, because life isn’t all sundresses & lipstick.

It isn’t an easy thing to talk about and there isn’t a formula available for those experiencing it. Grief is something that, no matter how expected or unexpected the loss is, has to be figured out as you go. Nobody can tell you how to feel when a loved one is lost, and that’s ok. Grief feels different for every person & every situation, and emotions, good & bad, are human.

Yesterday, I lost my grandmother. While I’m grateful for the years I got to spend with her & all of the beautiful memories I have of her, it feels too soon & I don’t feel ready to say goodbye. I love her more than I could ever articulate & I’m glad her suffering is over, but right now its difficult to look beyond the grief. It’ll grow easier as time goes by, but right now it hurts. She was an inspirational woman, whose  pure & unconditional love for those around her will drive me for the rest of my life. I see bits of her in myself & that makes me incredibly proud.

Rest in peace Grammy, I love you.


Get the Look: Free People Gray Pinafore (Similar Here) // Dahlia Lace Cold-Shoulder Blouse (Similar Here) // Oxfords (Similar Here)

Photos by Bryant Yang

the girl behind the blog


To add variety, I have decided to start creating content focused on other miscellaneous topics in fashion, in addition to my usual personal-style posts. If you have any ideas or requests for topics you would like covered, I welcome suggestions!

For my first post, I thought it would be nifty to post a more detailed q&a so that you could get to know the girl behind the blog a little better (hence the title). Below are some basic questions & my honest answers about both me & my blog. Of course, if you want to know anything else, leave a comment below letting me know.

Q: What’s the story behind the title?
A: Well first off, my name is Alexz. Alexis to be exact, but my parents started calling me
Alexz pretty much as soon as I was born, so that’s the name I really identify with. The
Wonderland part of my title, and the Alice in Wonderland reference in general, is a result of
a serious personal obsession with everything having to do with that novel (and the
Jefferson Airplane song & the Disney movie).

Q: Where do you get the titles for your posts from?
A: All of my personal-style posts are named with lyrics from songs that I love because next
to fashion, music is my primary passion. I usually choose a song, or lyrics from a song that I love, that is in some way reminiscent of the outfit featured in the post because of the color, pattern, and/or setting.

Q: How would you describe your personal-style?
A: My personal style varies quite a bit, depending on the day. While I adore mid-length a-line skirts, collared blouses, and chunky oxford heels reminiscent of the 1940’s, I also love mod 1960’s accessories and grungy 90’s band t’s. While my style tends to be on the feminine side the majority of the time, it has no bounds. Fashion is a form of expression, and the different era’s & their corresponding trends each communicate something different. I like to mix & match era’s & pieces depending on what I feel like wearing in that moment, and that’s the beauty of fashion.

Q: What are some of your favorite trends?
A: I don’t necessarily follow “trends,” but there are definitely certain things that I’m drawn to. First of all, I love prints, particularly feminine florals. However, stripes, paisley, and other funky prints attract me as well. I’m also really drawn to blouses & dresses that are adorned with a collar, especially whimsical peter-pan collars, and that are made from sheer fabrics. Finally, I’m drawn to midi skirts & dresses, which have a modest, retro, and feminine vibe, and look great on petite figures like mine when paired with a simple pair of pumps.

Q: Where are some of the places you shop?
A: I am a HUGE fan of ModCloth & would flip my lid if I was ever given the opportunity to
work with/for them. They have such adorable pieces in an array of bright colors & funky
prints, which I regularly fawn over. I also find a lot of great pieces at Nasty Gal, Dahlia,
TopShop, Urban Outfitters, ZARA, Anthropologie, Free People, and ASOS. I occasionally
make online purchases from Spell & the Gypsy Collective as well, an Australian brand that makes gorgeous bohemian pieces.

Q: Who are your favorite bloggers to follow?
A: My favorite blogger is Kacie Cone, formerly known as Shy Girl Loud Voice. I’ve been
following her for years & she’s the one that really inspired me to start blogging my own
fashion exploits. I also love: Mox and Socks (who I am currently working on a guest-post for!); Minnie Muse; A Clothes Horse; Steffy’s Pros and Cons; Harriet Pattison; and last but certainly not least, Deer Circus. They are all lovely ladies, so please be sure to check out their blogs when you have a chance!

That’s it for now! If you have any more questions, personal or blog related, head over to my contact page & drop me a line. Thanks for reading!


Photo by Luis Cubas


chantilly lace & a pretty face


Some things are just meant to go together: chips & salsa; peanut butter & jelly; Simon & Garfunkel; the list goes on. However, most people probably wouldn’t consider a lace dress & cowboy boots to be a perfect pairing worthy of making the cut. I, on the other hand, love nothing more than a feminine piece, such as this mock neck lace dress, paired with a rugged pair of shoes, such as these thrifted cowboy boots. It would be more expected to wear this dress with a pair of ballet flats or some simple pumps, sure, but what’s the fun in that? I’ve said it before – fashion is supposed to be fun – and there’s nothing more fun than mixing unexpected pieces. Sometimes things don’t work out, but sometimes trying a unique pairing pays off.


Get the Look: NastyGal Mock Neck Lace Dress (Similar Here or Here) // Thrifted Cowboy Boots

Photos by Liz Orsack

you looked like a swimmer


To be honest, it’s a little nerve wracking posting photos of yourself in a bikini on the Internet, but here I am, shorts tan line & all.

I live in a beach town, so having a cute & practical bikini is vital. Because I’m relatively modest and…well, chesty…I’ve learned to steer clear of two pieces, mostly because I’m always disappointed by the fit. However, high neck bikini tops worked their way onto the fashion scene this summer & I am a BIG fan! First of all, they allow you to show skin without feeling like you’re overdoing it. Secondly, because they cover more, you can actually move around – aka, throw a frisbee or a football around at the beach without worrying about “popping out.” Lastly, they actually fit larger bust sizes, unlike itty-bitty triangle bikini tops.

When I saw this gorgeous high-neck floral bikini, with its crochet strip down the center, I couldn’t resist. It fits like a glove, its comfortable, its practical, and most importantly, its cute! All in all, I feel great in this bikini (good enough to post it on the internet) & I am incredibly happy with the investment I made.


Get the Look: Rhythm Bikini Top  (Similar Here) // Rhythm Bikini Bottoms (Similar Here) // UO High Waisted Black Shorts

Photos by Bryant Yang