i’m feeling love made of gold


A lot of people are afraid to wear yellow, and I was admittedly afraid to wear it when I first dyed my hair turquoise because I thought it would clash. People are often afraid to mix patters too. The thing is, you should never fear fashion. Some of my favorite outfits have multiple patterns and textures, and probably look crazy on the hanger – but they look so much fun on! I dare you to try a color you think won’t look good on you, or try mixing unexpected patterns. The results may surprise you!


Get the Look: Anthropologie Tie-Neck Sleeveless Blouse (Similar Here) // UO Scalloped Mini Skirt (Similar Here) // Anthropologie Textured Tote (Similar Here)

Photos by Bryant Yang

the wilderness inside


First & foremost, I apologize for the fact that my Thursday post has evolved into a Sunday post this week. I’m generally a very by-the-schedule kind of person, but things just didn’t work out that way this week. That’s been happening a lot lately, but its probably good for me to get used to exercising some flexibility in my life.

Writing this feels a little ironic right now. These past few weeks have been the warmest so far this year along the central California coastline, and as a result, my fall wardrobe had fallen by the wayside before it even got started. However, as I write this, I am spending my first rainy-weekend of the season indoors.  Up until now, I have been donning fall toned, summer clothes with light layers to appease both the cool, fall mornings & evenings and the warm, summery afternoons. Last weekend, this mock neck bodycon dress, jean jacket combo would have been my uniform. This weekend, it seems this is no longer.

Welcome, fall.


Get the Look: F21 Mock Neck Bodycon Dress (Similar Here) // BDG Jean Jacket from UO // Steve Madden Ankle Boots (Similar Here) // Brandy Melville Fringe Suede Bag (Similar Here)

Photos by Bryant Yang

fashion for rent: a review of le tote


My cousin recently told me about this company in San Francisco that rents out clothes, called Le Tote. I thought it would be fun to write a post showing the items I received and talking about my thoughts/experience.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Le Tote, the way it works is you choose to receive a certain number of accessories or clothing items in your tote, and then your charge is based on the number of items included. For my first month, I chose to receive 3 clothing items and 2 accessories for $59. You can return the items whenever you want, but will not receive another tote until the current one is sent back. If you can’t let something go and you get attached like I do, you have the option to keep it for a discounted rate.

In my first tote, I received a gorgeous floral cold-shoulder blouse, an orange blazer (perfect for fall), a comfy poncho, a gold bangle, and some light green drop earrings, all pictured above. I really like all of the items a lot and they are totally wearable for work and weekends. I especially love the floral blouse and the poncho, which have both made cute work-day looks, but all are things I would purchase.

Stitch Fix, another SF based clothing subscription service, is comparable to Le Tote. However, with Stitch Fix you are sent 5 items at scheduled intervals, which you choose to either purchase or return. You pay a $20 stylist charge with each box, which is subtracted from any items you keep (you only forfeit the $20 if you buy none of the items). If you keep all 5 items, you get a discount, and if you choose to return anything, you have 3 days to do so. These companies are very similar, with the major difference being the lack of surprise present with Le Tote, as you have the the option to swap items before it ships.

Overall, I really like both Le Tote and Stitch Fix, as both bring something different to the table – Le Tote allows you to constantly change you style, and Stitch Fix helps you build your personal wardrobe. Personally, I really enjoy that the items are a surprise with Stitch Fix, making your box a fun little present. However, with Le Tote, I really enjoyed knowing I was going to get stuff that a liked, as I am a total control freak. I also loved the versatility and convenience offered, as you don’t have to worry about laundry and can have a clean & diverse wardrobe with little effort. In all honesty, both are great companies and I recommend giving them a try if you’re looking to spice up your shopping life.


In this Tote: Floral off Shoulder top by Eight Sixty // Crepe Tuxedo Blazer by Cupcakes and Cashmere // Fair Isle Poncho by Octavia // Light Green Drop Earrings by French Connection // Inset Bangle at Noir Luxe

Photos by Brant Yang

falling in love at a coffee shop


I never used to drink coffee, but my hectic schedule as of late has me drinking it almost on the daily. I’m not a full blown caffeine addict just yet, but I’m well on my way. Luckily, there’s no shortage of cute little cafe’s nearby, much like this dilapidated coffee shop housed in an old victorian house.

To be honest, I don’t usually look this polished when I go hang out in a coffee shop, as a lot of the time its the weekend and I have my laptop & a stack of books in tow. However, there is something very appropriate about this outfit in this setting. For lack of a better term, its scholarly. This blouse is one of my favorites, so naturally, I never wear it. It makes no sense, I know, but I’m terrified I’ll ruin it forever. Its such a gorgeous & delicate shirt, and its warm tan hue is perfect for fall. Paired with a hair bow & a satchel, its autumn perfection.


Get the Look: Button-up Sheer Blouse (Similar Here) // American Apparel Mini Skirt (Similar Here or Here) // Nude Laser-Cut Flats from UO (Similar Here) // Satchel from UO (Similar Here) // American Apparel Bow

Photos by Bryant Yang

the leaves that are green turn to brown


This isn’t going to be a well thought out or eloquently written post, because to be honest, I am writing it at the last second. I’m a very planned person, so this isn’t like me, but these past few weeks have been chaotic, full of differing emotions, and lacking in sleep. On top of my usual work and school work, my graduate student thesis proposal is due next week and there are a bunch of changes happening with my job. And on top of all of that, my grandmother recently passed away, and my new niece was welcomed into this world last week. As you can imagine, I’ve been driving all over the place and have had zero spare time, so I am falling very behind in pretty much all areas of my life. Hopefully things will start to settle down soon. I’m trying to stay positive, but I am just plain burnt out.

Hope everyone else is having a smoother transition into fall.


Get the Look: Bell Sleeved Top from UO (Similar Here) // Cropped Jeans from Free People // Steve Madden Ankle Booties (Similar Here) // Madewell Bag (Similar Here) // Hat (Similar Here

Photos by Bryant Yang

you’re the book i read


If you couldn’t tell, I have a serious love affair with sheer dresses & peter pan collars. That’s probably why this dress is my most cherished piece. I love the warm yellow hue, as well as the button detailing down the back & the pleated bib down the front. However, the delicate collar with its scalloped edges and black outline are what make this dress a winner in my eyes. I originally saw it in the window of a little boutique in Santa Cruz called Sway, which unfortunately is no longer in business, and it was love at first sight. Years later, its still my favorite dress to wear, no matter the season. It looks great thrown on with a pair of black flats in the summer, or with some tights and a cardigan in the cooler months. I ever stumble upon the holy grail, I hope it extends to this dress.


Get the Look: Sleeveless Peter Pan Collar Dress (Similar Here) // American Apparel Oxford Heels

Photos by Bryant Yang