to greet the new year

best of 2016 (2).png

Like most of you, I am generally pretty glad to be done with 2016.

Although I’m not one of those people that puts a great deal of emphasis on New Years, I can’t help but hope that the events I remember later in life from the year 2017 are better than the standout moments of 2016.

Loss. Burnout. Stress. Boredom. Fear. 

2016 was just kind of a shitty year all around.

best of 2016 (4).png

Even though my memories of 2016 will probably always be plagued with these feelings and events, there were a some good things that happened.

I finished pretty much my entire master’s course load while working full time, I got my project proposal approved so that I can graduate this spring, and most importantly, I started this blog!

Since its May inception, I’ve created a pretty steady flow of content on Alexz in Wonderland. Some images I’m pleased with, some I worriedly obsess over. Some outfits I love, some I nitpick over. Some of my writing I like, some I want to delete.

But my insecurities aside, I’ve started something I love (a blog) to showcase something else that I love (fashion!), and I’m really proud of what I have created!

best of 2016 (3).png

With 2017 underway, I want to hold on to that momentum.

I’ve been dissatisfied with my life for a while now and I am finally reaching a point where I can finally do something about it. I worked hard in 2016 and this year, it’s going to pay off.

I have a good feeling about this year!


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