a cold & wet november dawn


and there are no barking sparrows, just emptiness to dwell upon.

Since the Thanksgiving holiday is this week, I decided to modify my blog schedule and post once on Wednesday rather on both Tuesday & Thursday. Although I don’t necessarily agree with Thanksgiving from a historical standpoint (and also don’t like the whole turkey thing much as a vegetarian), its a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with family and away from social media. So tomorrow, you won’t be hearing from me – I’ll be busy cuddling my baby niece, stuffing my face with pie, and playing board games with my cousins. Sometimes we just need to take a day away from school, work, etc. and just live in the present, and I’m taking the holiday to do just that.

In the spirit of fall and Thanksgiving, I decided to share the outfit that I wore for the holiday last year. I initially purchased this dress to wear for Halloween last year (as Wednesday Adams), but so many people at work thought I was a pilgrim that I thought, what the heck, maybe I should wear it for Thanksgiving too!

Its a great piece for an occasion such as this, as its sexy, but also somewhat modest, and it can be dressed both up and down, depending upon your holiday plans. Its also very simple, opening up an array of accessory options. Add a headband or a hat (such as the bowler hat I paired it with), some tall socks or tights, a pair of simple flats or some heels, or even a bold bag or red lipstick. With a simple black and white dress, the options are boundless!

On that note, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

For a glimpse at this year’s Thanksgiving outfit, be sure to follow me on Instagram @alexzinwonderland.


Get the Look: UO Collared Bodycon Dress (Similar Here and Here) // ASOS Bowler Hat // American Apparel Oxford Heels (Similar Here)

Photos by Bryant Yang

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