chantilly lace & a pretty face


Some things are just meant to go together: chips & salsa; peanut butter & jelly; Simon & Garfunkel; the list goes on. However, most people probably wouldn’t consider a lace dress & cowboy boots to be a perfect pairing worthy of making the cut. I, on the other hand, love nothing more than a feminine piece, such as this mock neck lace dress, paired with a rugged pair of shoes, such as these thrifted cowboy boots. It would be more expected to wear this dress with a pair of ballet flats or some simple pumps, sure, but what’s the fun in that? I’ve said it before – fashion is supposed to be fun – and there’s nothing more fun than mixing unexpected pieces. Sometimes things don’t work out, but sometimes trying a unique pairing pays off.


Get the Look: NastyGal Mock Neck Lace Dress (Similar Here or Here) // Thrifted Cowboy Boots

Photos by Liz Orsack

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