i’m a little bit older, a little bit bolder


People often tell me that I remind them of Zooey Deschanel, a compliment that quite honestly makes me giddy, as she is both a crush & a style icon of mine. When I first saw this dress on ModCloth, I instantly thought of Zooey and after weeks of obsessing over it, I finally caved in and ordered it. After much anticipation, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! The flowy chiffon fabric, drapey sleeves, and pleated bib are so effortlessly feminine – I felt like I fell right out of (500) Days of Summer when I put it on. The fabric is also a gorgeous shade of blue that’s eye catching without being overbearing, a subtle quality that I adore. Today’s lesson – if you find an item that you can’t stop thinking about, treat yourself!

To keep the look simple yet feminine, I paired this dress with a simple black pump from Calvin Klein, along with one of my many American Apparel hair bows. I love hair accessories like this bow because, when paired with a dress that also has some back detailing (such as a tie around the waist), it instantly makes the outfit interesting from alternate angles. Its so much fun having something on that looks just as good, if not better from the back or side as it does from the front. Why be a mullet when you can be a bowl cut? (Get it? A party all around versus business in the front & a party in the back. I know, I’m not funny.) Cheers loves!


Get the Look: Blue ModCloth Dress // Calvin Klein Basic Black Pumps // American Apparel Hair Bow

Photos by Bryant Yang

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