oh black, or maybe red


Outside Lands starts tomorrow and my bags are (over)packed & by the door ready to go, so I’m going to keep this short & sweet.

For those of us twenty-somethings that have desk jobs, fun & casual clothes begin to feel like a thing of the past, with weekends making up such a small portion of our time. However, office jobs and their business casual dress codes are no excuse to trade in prints, colors, and fun accessories for the same button-up and muted slacks every day of the week. This scalloped pencil skirt is one of my favorite workwear pieces because its bright red hue adds a ton of personality to my outfit, even when paired with a simple black blouse and flats. Remember, you can use fashion to express yourself no matter where you are or what the occasion. Sometimes all you need is some color!


Get the Look: Anthropologie Red Scalloped Pencil Skirt (Similar) // Black Ruffle Blouse (Similar) // ModCloth Black Flats // Brandy Melville Floral Lace Choker (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

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