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I’ve had a rough week and, as an admitted perfectionist, I have been really hard on myself. But I’ve been thinking about it and I realized how truly ridiculous I’m being, and how ridiculous we can all be in this regard. As humans, we have this inherent belief that we must be our best at all times, especially those of us in our twenties. We see social media snapshots of our peer’s lives and assume everything is picture perfect. If we ourselves have anything less, we feel inadequate. But that’s just it – these are just snapshots. None of us have perfect lives, especially not those of us that are still young and figuring things out. The truth is, everybody, no matter their age, lives a unique life that they must navigate through as each individual experience presents itself.

We live in the flicker.

On that note, sometimes I like to dress the age I feel & not the age I am. This bright, printed shift dress, cowboy boots, and choker are wonderfully carefree & youthful. Just because I’m an adult with an “adult job” doesn’t mean I can’t wear fun clothes sometimes. Fashion is a form of expression and don’t let ever let anyone make you feel otherwise.


Get the Look: UO Mustard Shift Dress (Similar) // Steve Madden Cowboy Boots // Dahlia Round Sunglasses (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

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