evolution orange


I haven’t been up to my undergraduate college campus in a few years, even though I still live in town, so I experienced some serious nostalgia when venturing up there to take these photos. The campus itself has gorgeous scenery, with sweeping ocean views, golden meadows, and vast redwood forests. However, one of my favorite things about the campus are the student-created murals & art installations, both commissioned & uncommissioned. This mural in particular is right outside of the dorm that I lived in, so it was an especially nostalgic spot to visit.

Sometimes being away from somewhere for a while makes you realize how wonderful a place is.

This outfit is another great example of how great sale-section browsing can pay off. I got this gorgeous orange-silk dress from Madewell for 50% off and even more impressively, I got this Kate Spade bag from one of their outlet stores for…drumroll please…65% off! Score. I am a huge proponent of having a few good quality pieces around, but there’s no reason to pay full price for them when there are great on-sale options.

Oh and no, that is not my dog. I do have a dog, but that is not her. Just another guest model that stumbled into my photo.


Get the Look: Silk Madewell Dress (Similar) // Brown Strappy Heels from UO (Similar) // Kate Spade Handbag (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

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