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I recently listened to a podcast that referred to fashion as “gluttonous.” The practical side of me can see the reasoning behind this thought process & at times I have felt admittedly narcissistic when working on my blog. To be honest, I agree that fashion & beauty do have a vain & unnecessary side to them. However, I think its also a very glass-half-empty outlook to have. Fashion & beauty are forms of expression, just like painting, writing & photography. Not only that, but they are forms of expression that allows you to communicate your mood, interests & personality to the general public. They do wonders for confidence too, and despite what many believe, beauty & fashion are just as much for you as they are for others. I choose my clothes based on how I feel about them and not how I think others will feel.

I feel most confident when I’m wearing a dress and this ModCloth dress is one of my new favorites. The length and cut are reminiscent of the 1940’s, one of my favorite fashion era’s, and the kelly green color and dragonfly print are playful & fun for spring & summer. To keep the look casual, I paired it with my gray ModCloth sandals, and to add a classy touch, I wore my grandmother’s pearl earrings. Overall, I felt great in this outfit & I think it showed.


Get the Look: ModCloth Dragonfly Dress // Gray ModCloth Sandals (Similar)

Photos by Bryant Yang

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