like a bridge over troubled water


Yes, I do own jeans. Admittedly, my wardrobe does overwhelmingly consist of skirts & dresses because, quite frankly, thats what I feel most comfortable in. Not only do skirts & dresses just feel more…me, to put it simply…they also make me feel more confident. I know this might sound crazy coming from someone who has an entire website devoted to photographs of themselves, but I am self conscious & insecure just like everyone else, and pants, jeans in particular, make me feel more self conscious than skirts. I can’t explain it, but its a thing.

With that being said, I do like to push myself to wear a variety of things, including jeans. Jeans are great for the weekend because they’re laid back & comfortable, and this outfit is just that. Its refreshing to wake up on a Saturday, throw some cute jeans on, and go on an adventure!


Get the Look: Free People Sienna Jeans // Black Crop Top (Similar) // Fringe Purse (Similar) // Minnetonka Fringe Sandals

Photos by Bryant Yang

4 Comments on “like a bridge over troubled water”

  1. I totally feel you on this, my wardrobe is mostly skirts. There’s something about them that makes me feel more confident and empowered, walking down a hall in a skirt or a dress. Cute outfit though!

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