i’ll tell you everything about living free


I must admit that even though I’m the furthest thing from a country girl, I have a serious love affair with cowboy boots. They add a ton of character to any outfit, especially summer dresses & shorts, and they’re really comfortable to boot (pun intended)! This tribal print shirt-dress works particular well with them, as it creates an interesting yet laid-back look fit for summer.

Outfit aside, I feel I must address the elephant in the room – or cat I should say. Yes, that is a cat in my first photograph, and no, it isn’t mine. His name is Buster and he lives at the garden where these photos were taken. He took a liking to me & it became nearly impossible to take photos without him getting into the shot, so I decided to embrace the situation and let Buster be my guest model. I must say, he turned out to be pretty photogenic.

One last thing – I now have an official blog photographer & I’m really excited about it! His name is Bryant Yang & he is very talented. Please be sure to check out his Instagram (his name is linked below) & stay tuned for more of his work!


Get the Look: Black Printed Shirt-Dress (Similar) // Cowboy Boots // Madewell Crossbody Bag

Photos by Bryant Yang

1 Comments on “i’ll tell you everything about living free”

  1. What an adorable guest moment! I love when animals just butt their way into your life. By the way, your dress is gorgeous and you don’t have to be country to love a good pair of boots.:)


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