here goes nothing


If I’m being completely honest, this whole blog thing is still incredibly daunting and, quite frankly, a little terrifying. Although “reserved” & “shy” are words often used to describe me, I’m accustomed to strange looks because of the often out-of-place clothes I wear. However, having to pose in front of a camera and look decent, with onlookers nonetheless, has proved challenging.

I’ve given this a lot of thought though & this is something that I want, so for once I am going to take the bull by the horns & make something happen. I love fashion and I love writing, & this seems like the perfect outlet for both of these passions. This will be an interesting journey I’m sure, but I hope you’ll stick around as I blossom into the wonderful blogger that I know I can be.

And on that note, welcome to my blog!


Get the Look: Peter Pan Collared Dress (Similar) // Satchel (Similar) // Navy Tights // Oxford Heels

Photos By Liz Orsack

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